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Wacker Neuson BH 55 Petrol Breaker

Wacker Neuson BH 55  Petrol Demolition Jackhammer Breaker

The BH55 petrol demolition breaker is the entry-level model among demolition breakers. Lighter and smaller than the other demolition breakers in the Wacker Neuson series, it is designed for professional use and impresses with its compact size and ease of use.



The BH breaker’s optimized air propulsion system is at the top of it’s class in demolition performance. The air percussion system helps lower vibrations to create a system that not only reduces vibrations to the hands and arms but to the operators entire body. This means that the BH series breakers are the hardest hitting breakers in it’s class, practically halving the hand-arm vibrations in comparison to traditional breakers.

The BH breaker range brings reliability and high performance to any job site. Providing excellent impact energy, it is unsurpassed in the gasoline breaker market due to the innovative percussion system and the proven WM 80 engine. Providing the best solution for breaking and demolition, the BH range is also comfortable and easy to use. The fully spring-mounted hood significantly reduces hand/ arm vibrations (HAV) to below 5 5 m/ s2, making longer hours of operation possible.

55 joules of single stroke impact energy.
1,300 blows per minute.
Economical and low-emission Wacker Neuson motor of in-house design.
Simple percussion system maintenance on site with a small grease gun over the central zerk fitting.
Shanks for all common tools.
Refueling is possible while the unit is in the vertical and horizontal positions.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 833mm x 492mm x 346mm
Weight: 24kg
Shank: 28mm x 160mm
Percussion Rate: 1300 blows/min
Single Stroke Impact: 55J
Sound Pressure Level: 101dB(A)

Drive Engine: Air-cooled single cylinder two-cycle Wacker Neuson WM 80 petrol engine
Displacement: 80cm3
Rated Power Output: 1.6kW (2.18hp)
At Rated Speed: 4250rpm
Fuel to Oil Ration: 50 : 1
Fuel Consumption: 0.9L/h
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.8L
Power Transmission: From engine via centrifugal clutch, crank mechanism and air-cushioned percussion system to tool