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Stihl Tools & Accessories

STIHL iMOW® Evo Series

This fully automatic robotic mower performs grass cutting, mulching, and fertilizing in a single process.

It features a new mowing system with three free-swinging blades, electric height adjustment, situational speed control, and a 40% incline capability for precise and clean cutting. Control is easy through the MY iMOW® app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, offering integration with smart home systems, voice output, and LED communication.

With a wide 28 cm cutting width, high travel speed (0.45 m/s), smart docking, and efficient charging, mowing times are reduced. You can create custom plans and restrict mowing to specific lawn zones, providing flexibility to enjoy your garden.

Available Models: 
iMow Evo 5 – $3,245
iMow Evo 6 – $4,245
iMow Evo 7 – $5,245

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