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  • Rated Voltage (V): 36
  • Weight* (kg): 3.7
  • Run time* (min): 190The FSA 130 R offers professional landscaping crews the same durability as its petrol counterpart with all the convenience of Battery technology – low noise, no emissions and easier to use. The tool starts instantly at the push of a button. It has a large 420mm cutting width and a commercial-grade brushless electric motor for optimal performance and durability. Plus, its variable speed throttle trigger offers three performance levels, allowing users versatility in selecting the best operation speed for the job at hand, conserving battery energy and allowing maximum run times. The external battery connection shifts the battery weight from the unit to the user’s back for a light, well-balanced, fatigue-reducing trimmer.

Please note this product is sold in store only. Please enquire or visit our showroom. 



The FSA 130 R is part of our AP Cordless System – the battery can be used on a wide range of other tools from the AP range.

The STIHL AP BAG WITH CABLE accessory is required to transfer the energy from the AP Battery to the tool.

Run time with recommended AR 3000 battery: Up to 190 mins on Level 1, 125 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AP100 battery: Up to 19 mins on Level 1, 10 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AP 200 battery: Up to 30 mins on Level 1, 18 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AP 300 battery: Up to 40 mins on Level 1, 20 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AP 300 S battery: Up to 50 mins on Level 1, 25 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AR 1000 battery: Up to 100 mins on Level 1, 70 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AR 2000 battery: Up to 150 mins on Level 1, 100 mins Level 3/4


Run times quoted are based on ideal operating conditions. Times will vary depending on load and conditions. 

Rated Voltage (V): 36
Weight (kg): 3.7 (without Battery)
Length no cutting tool (cm): 175
Standard Cutting Head: STIHL AutoCut C 26-2
Standard Mowing Line Diameter (mm): STIHL Orange Nylon Line 2.4 (mm)
Handle Type: Loop
Power Source: Battery
STIHL Battery System: PRO
Recommended Battery: AR 3000
Recommended Charger: AL 500
Charge Time with Recommended Charger: 160 minutes, or to charge it up to 80%, it takes 120 minutes
Blade can be fitted: Yes

The STIHL Cordless tools are so quiet you don’t even need to wear ear protection. They are ideal to use in noise sensitive areas like schools, hotels and parks.

STIHL Electric Motor (EC)
The STIHL brushless electric motor (EC) is extremely energy efficient and does not require any maintenance. It ensures the tool has the optimum power output at all times. The motor runs quietly and generates very low vibrations.

Charge Level Indicator
The charge level of the Battery is indicated with the LEDs on the side of the Battery.

AutoCut C Easy feed Mowing Head
This mowing head is suitable for trimming work. The double mowing lines are automatically extended when the mowing head is tapped on the ground. It has a comfort grip to enable easy re-loading.

Adjustable Loop Handle
It is possible to adjust the position of the loop handle so it is the most comfortable for you.

Select your Own Speed
The speed of this Brushcutter can be set to 3 levels, when the lower speed is choosen energy is saved, which extends the run time of the Battery. Choose the higher speed if you are mowing tougher material.

Grass Blades can be Fitted
As this Brushcutter can be fitted with a grass blade it is suitable for tougher jobs in comparision to the homer user Line Trimmers.

To transfer power, the socket in the tool is connected to a STIHL AP or AR Battery using the connecting cable. This means that the Battery can be conveniently worn on the body reducing the weight of the tool.