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With an identical upper and structure to the legendary Meindl Island, the Guffert offers the amazing “Comfort Fit” concept in a injury preventive all-terrain boot.
Perfect for both women and men with wider feet or those who love extra toe room.

Based on the venerable Meindl Island, the Meindl Guffert is exceptionally supportive and designed to function in the broadest possible range of terrains and activities. The Island was originally conceived as a all-terrain boot for Europe’s specialist mountain warfare troops. Since inception in the nineties it has undergone continuous improvement and refinement. This has led it to become the worlds most awarded outdoor boot in history.

Ideal for movement across broken or steep terrain when load carriage is medium to heavy (20-60kg+) and equally flexible for use on trails, paths and even around the office!

The Comfort fit concept is optimised for broader feet, both women and men, but many users with average width feet love them too. The Comfort fit® last has more space at the front of the foot with a firm grip on the heel. The side of the big toe and tips of the little toes are relieved with extra space. The new defined contour enables easier rollover when walking.

Very supportive and stable, the boots provide an excellent platform for all activities including tactical operations where the risk of lower limb injuries is great. The boots are most at home in temperate environments.