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Ride-On Mowers

Grillo Climber Ride on Mower 7.15

Grillo Climber 2WD Slope Mower 7.15
34″ Deck, 15Hp

The Climber 7.15 is generally best used on smaller properties around 1 – 2 acres, or where the terrain underfoot is smoother and therefore the machine can be a lighter build.

Tackles long grass, saplings and bracken with ease
Great for slopes or undulating terrain
Extreme maneuverability
Simple and easy to operate


Previously known as the 7.13 model, the 7.15 Climber has all the same powerful features with a new Loncin GR 452 engine. Tackles long grass, saplings and bracken with ease, and is great for slopes or undulating terrain.

The Grillo Climber 7 Series range can safely climb slopes and is very efficient in maintaining overgrown, neglected areas, agricultural areas and lawns. The extreme maneuverability, smooth steering and speed enable the machine to work quickly and efficiently while remaining simple and easy to control.

If a rougher application is needed, then the heavier nine series models may be a better fit such as the 9.18 or 9.22 climbers. Alternatively, if you’re only looking for more extreme power in getting the job done a 7.18 climber may be your answer!

The single-blade cutter deck has a cutting width of 34″ (85 cm) and a quality built Loncin GR 452 15HP engine.

The 7.15 has dependable front drum brakes not available on other machines, this allows the operator to brake when mowing downhill and increases safety in case of emergency stopping.

Differential locking increases traction by engaging both drive wheels simultaneously when slipping occurs.  This allows the Climber to mow in dry or slippery conditions and cover rough ground where other mowers struggle.

  • Engine: Loncin GR 452
  • Engine HP: 15 HP
  • Displacement: 452 cc
  • Starter: Electric, 12V Battery
  • Gearbox: Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Cutting Width: 95 cm
  • Cutting Height: 6 positions between 35-85mm, one travel position
  • Discharge: Side or Rear
  • Fuel Tank: 7 L
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 189.5 cm x 95 cm x 98.5 cm
  • Weight: 225 kg
  • Includes: Differential lock, Front Brakes and Anti-Puncture Front Wheels

Ultimate Ergonomic Comfort
The Climber range features plenty of leg room obtained via a low adjustable two position footrest. With feet placed at an optimum angle to upkeep maximum safety, the smooth operating drive lever and the steering wheel are close in reach. The comfortable, adjustable & dampened seat is fitted with armrests that retain the operator while working slopes. Say farewell to any fatigue created from extended working periods!

Robust & Durable
The robust structure of the cutting deck is able to handle stones and other type of debris with no problem. The large diameter blade and the cutter deck’s drive system ensure reliability under heavy working conditions over long periods.

Compact & Low to the Ground
With a low centre of gravity and optimal weight distribution, the Climber 7.15 has been designed to obtain maximum stability and maximum safety for the operator. This makes the machine ideal for work under low positioned branches or other obstacles without compromising a beautiful finish.

Electric Blade Engagement by Push-Button
A convenient push-button is placed close to the steering wheel to engage the blades. The cutting height is then simply regulated direct from the driver’s seat by a hand-held lever with 6 cutting positions.