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Hand Tools

Gomboy Outback

$90.00 NZD (inc GST)

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Silky have just introduced a new range – the Outback Series.

The Silky Gomboy Outback saw is one of a new line of folding saws from Silky. These saws have been designed primarily for outdoor and hunting use and can cut both wood and bone.

The Gomboy Outback comes complete with a plastic carry case.

The Saws feature a new black plating technology that allows the entire blade, including teeth, to be coated with a unique and highly durable nickel and tin blend that provides longer blade life and improved cutting performance (particularly useful when cutting bone).

The saws also have a new handle design which is made from a wood and plastic composite material that provides superior grip when working in both wet and dry conditions, or with oily substances such as animal fat and meat.

COMING SOON – enquire to place orders. 


These saws are available in either the Gomboy 240mm size, or the smaller Pocketboy 170mm size or the larger Bigboy 360mm Curve Blade options.

  • Blade Length: 240mm
  • Medium Teeth: 8 teeth per 30mm (6.8 teeth per inch)
  • Non-set tooth design: Taper ground blade designed to reduce resistance giving smoother, easier and faster cutting performance
  • Mirai-Me finish: 4 cutting angles along the blade length
  • Impulse hardened teeth: Heated instantly and hardened, designed to stay sharper three times longer than non-hardened teeth
  • Silky Black Plated blade: Designed for longer life
  • Arbor Composite handle: Designed for superior grip
  • Exceptional strength and balance
  • Superior quality finish
  • Made in Japan
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

There are full replacement parts available.

  • Gomboy replacement screw set – please enquire
  • Gomboy Outback replacement blade